Our next event

15 Dec Rachel Morrison and Maureen Coyle of

                National Heritage (Guest Speakers*)

    The Marble Hill Revived Project: history of the site and

     the ongoing restoration

                 Please click on the text below for a biog of Rachel & Maureen


Future Events

12 Jan Sir Vince Cable (Guest Speakers*)

    The Coronavirus Pandemic: the effects on the Economy,

     Health and Society

                 Please click on the text below for a biog of Sir Vince


Recent events

10 Nov Lord Lee of Trafford (Guest Speaker*)

   Anecdotes from a Political Journey

17 Nov Herbert Chatters (Guest Speaker*)

   A talk on Craft Gin and fundraising efforts for Polio

27 Nov Mukesh Malhotra (Guest Speaker*)

   History of the Cooperative Movement

1 Dec Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of Richmond                              Council (Guest Speaker*)

Council response to Covid

Previous events in photos

* All Guest Speakers via Zoom until further notice

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